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Title Dame
Gender Female
Race Human
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Status Alive
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Kayley is the main protagonist of Quest for Camelot. She wants to become a knight like her father. When the evil Ruber takes her mother captive, she runs to Camelot. Along the way, she bumps into Garrett who saves her from Ruber's minions. She will do anything to bring the sword back to King Arthur.

Kayley is voiced by Jessalyn Gilsig and sung by Andrea Corr as a teenager, and voiced by Sarah Raynde (Freeman) as a child.

Personality Edit

Kayley is a brave and strong-willed young woman, who wants more than anything to become a knight like her father. Kayley is definitely a tomboy, dressing in boyish clothing and much preferring horse riding and sword fighting to wearing pretty clothes and doing farm work. Kayley's determination often leads her to acting before she thinks and she constantly talks as well, but over the course of the film, she learns to be more patient. Kayley expresses deep remorse when her actions cause others to be hurt - even inadvertently. Despite tragically losing her father at a young age, Kayley retains a positive, can-do attitude, and inspires courage and goodwill in others.


Kayley is a slender tomboy girl with dark auburn hair, hazel brown eyes and fair skin. As a little girl, Kayley wears a gray tunic, a purple cape, white pants and brown shoes. As Kayley grew into a teenager, she wears a purple tunic, a yellow long-sleeve shirt, blue pants and brown shoes. Her hair is ponytailed and a headband on top of her head.